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The Reach & Wash System, in London

At Gleaming Clean Ltd, we use the Reach & Wash System to clean windows. If you’re in or around London, get in touch with a member of our team for a free quote. 

The latest window washing equipment

We use the reach and wash system when we clean windows, as we believe it's the safest and most efficient way of providing an excellent clean. We can use traditional methods of window cleaning if you prefer. However, the Reach & Wash System is so effective that we believe you'll be extremely impressed.
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Advantages of the Reach & Wash System

  • Eco-friendly – as the Reach and Wash system uses purified, de-ionised water, it requires no detergents.
  • Superior window cleaning results – using this method cleans not just the windows, but the frames as well.
  • Health and safety regulations while working at height are taken care of. Windows can be in difficult-to-reach positions, but most can be reached from ground level with the Reach and Wash System.
  • Reduced risk of damage to property – using Reach and Wash cuts out the need to walk over lawns and shrubs. Ladders do not have to be propped against your guttering, removing the potential for damage.
  • Conservatory roofs and atriums can be cleaned safely from the ground.
  • Privacy is maintained and there's a lot less disturbance – operatives remain on the ground whilst cleaning upper storey windows.
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All your cleaning tasks, completed safely

We specialise in commercial property window cleaning, from small offices to large, tall buildings. Although commercial window cleaning is our speciality, we can maintain almost any area for you. 

From office cleaning to small maintenance work, we'll deal with it all in a safe manner. 
Health and safety is a major priority for us. Find out more about how we ensure this.
Gleaming Clean Ltd uses the Reach & Wash System to provide you with a thorough clean even in areas that are high and hard to reach. We offer our services in London and the Home Counties including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Contact us and find out how we can clean your business premises, with the correct safety procedures in place and at an unbeatable price.
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For eco-friendly, highly effective window cleaning using the Reach & Wash System, call:
07782 105 425 or 020 7739 7557
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